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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  March 21, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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now at noon, breaking news out of pittsburgh where another brush fire is burning, and this is not far from where a grass fire broke out yesterday. news chopper 2 is on the way. the city of oakland now paying the price for occupy protests that took place more than two years ago. why they're being forced to pay an iraq war veteran millions of dollars. >> plus being smart about sharing content online, the program underway to teach kids how to protect themselves from internet predators. >> ktvu channel 2 news starts
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right now with breaking news. breaking news now in pittsburgh where another brush fire is burning. we want to show you a live picture at the moment, a little hazy but you can see quite a bit of smoke there in the center of the screen kind of close to the ground. it looks like rather thick gray smoke. a contra costa fire spokesman says some bushes caught fire on hawthorn street near harbor street, and that's about a mile and a half from the site of yesterday's grass fire, which burned about four hours before crews could get it out. now investigators suspect yesterday's fire was caused by people either by accident or deliberately. that fire near the pittsburgh power generating plant threatened electrical lines and burned about 40 acres. today contra costa fire crews did take extra precautions to make sure that fire did not flare-up again. no one was hurt in that fire, and pg&e crews said no power
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lines were damaged. we will be continuing to follow the current fire that is burning in pittsburgh, and we'll bring you anymore details as we get them. an iraq war veteran now set to receive 4 and a half million dollars from the city of oakland after he was injured during an occupy protest back in 2011. ktvu's tara moriarty just heard from the attorneys for scott olson and she joins us live in oakland. good afternoon tara. >> reporter: good afternoon. scott olson says he hopes this settlement will send a message to the oakland police department to change its crowd control tactics. he stood here in front of city hall very close to where he was injured bay police officer two and a half years ago. >> the 26-year-old iraqi war veteran was shot in the head by a metal pellet filled bean bag round fired bay police officer october 26th, 2011. olson was standing quietly with another veteran during an occupy protest at 14th and
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broadway when a high velocity round struck his skull, fracturing it and causing severe bleeding on the brain. we asked olson how he felt today after winning $4.5 million from the city of oakland. >> i mean i didn't win part of my brain back that's dead, but, you know, i'm -- you know, it's hard, and it was a hard recovery process, and i think that this is a part of the recovery process, but, you know, it's definitely not everything. >> olsen says he has struggled in rehabilitation learning how to talk again. he used to work for a computer software company, but says he now has trouble focusing and remembering things. he's not sure if he'll be able to work again or what he'll do with the money. we reached out to the mayor's office. we did hear from council woman libby shaft who says the city has to do everything it can to avoid this type of situation in
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the future. she says the policy has changed within the police department. john sasaki is going to have much more coming up on our news at 5:00. in the meantime, we did ask scott olsen what he plans to do in the future. he says he is planning to take a trip to wisconsin to visit his family. we're live in oakland, i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. an fbi agent has reportedly been cleared in the shooting death of a friend of one of the two brothers suspected of carrying out the boston  marathon bombing last april. in may the agent from the boston office was questioning 27-year-old abe bra ham toad she have. he was a mixed martial arts fighter. the agent said he attacked him and the agent shot and killed todschev. sources say the florida state attorney has decided not to file any charges against the agent and that the fbi has
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cleared the agent. the justice department is still reviewing that decision. new details now, we now know the name of the woman killed by a hit and run drive who did a u-turn and then drove off. san francisco police tell us that 82-year-old oi yeung was struck in the crosswalk yesterday at visitation avenue and bay shore boulevard. police say the driver circled back to look at the dying woman on the street. investigators sent us this photo of the suspect's vehicle. the image came from a surveillance camera in the neighborhood. the vehicle is a white dodge durango suv. a driver was killed in an accident on interstate 80 in solano county that snarled traffic for a couple hours. the chp says the driver reportedly crossed over from the westbound direction across the median and into eastbound lanes east of american canyon road. when officers arrived just after 9:15 this morning, the
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driver was underneath the vehicle with gasoline leaking out. no other cars were involved in the wreck. richmond police are working this afternoon to solve that city's first homicide of the year. just before 10:00 last night a woman was found shot to death near the intersection of florida avenue and south 4th street. the victim about 30 years old was found lying on the sidewalk. officers patrolling that neighborhood heard the gunfire but police say the department's shot spotter detection system helped them quickly locate the shooting victim. >> the shot spotter was very critical in that we were able to listen to the shots and gives us an exact pinpoint location on the exact side of the street where the victims ultimately located. >> witnesses told police they saw a burgundy sedan with gold rims speeding away from the scene. investigators are trying to track down the people inside that car. family, friends and fellow officers gathered this morning in oakland to remember four
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policemen killed on this date five years ago. the private memorial was held at the cathedral of christ the light just off lake merritt for sergeants mark dunacan, irvin romans and daniel sacai and john hague. they were gunned down on march 21st 2009. >> my heart's very heavy. i feel very emotional and at the same time still disbelief that it's been five years when it's been just like my yesterday. >> the public is invited to visit a memorial park for the officers at sequoia and oak hill roads to pay their respects to the oakland officers killed five years ago today. a student at san jose state has filed a $5 million claim against the school in a racially charged bullying case. 17-year-old donald williams junior claims his roommates
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repeatedly abused and made fun of him because he's african- american. he also claims the dormitory resident advisor knew about the incidents and ignored them. roughly 90% of teenagers go online but very few are taught how to keep their personal information safe. janine de la vega joins us live from san jose where junior high children got a lesson on those important skills today from google employees. good afternoon. >> reporter: we're here at fisher middle school in east san jose. a lot of these kids have cell phone cells. they're posting pictures. they're on social media sites and they're not thinking about their security. that's why google came in today, to talk to them. >> realize that 75% of americans use their mobile phone while in the bathroom. google brought its online safety road show to the school where tips and tricks were shared about how to stay smart
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and safe online. 900 students and 50 parents are participating in the program throughout the day which included looking at several videos on cyber security. every day teens post 40 million instagram photos and every minute they upload 100 hours of video to youtube. >> i think about safety. i don't want nothing to happen bad. always have my passwords like something hard that won't be like easy to find out. >> this is very important. we always end up dealing with students who share their passwords with best friends, which they shouldn't be doing. students i guess issues that start sometimes online that we end up having to kind of counsel and mediate hire on campus. >> assembly speaker kenmore race who attended fisher as a child was on hand. she stressed to the students how important it is to protect their personal information and to be careful about being disrespectful online. at the assembly kids were
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taught how to create a safe and memorable password and identify fishing scams. the students were encouraged what they learned about safety and share it with their friends. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega. atf investigates are looking into what sparked a fire at a san jose church. it started around 5:30 at the hurricane church of god of san jose. flames and heavy smoke were coming from a detached office behind the church building. firefighters were able to put out the flames before they could spread. the fire department says it does not believe the cause of the fire is suspicious, but it's required to call in the atf to investigate. >> we do have mandatory reporting on any assembly halls, church structure or things of those nature to make sure we don't close our eyes to a possible suspicious event or hate crime. there's nothing here that says that to us. >> the church says all the
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contents including church records which were kept in the office were destroyed. and fire investigators are also trying to determine the cause of an early morning fire at the el el dorado bar. firefighters say it started inside the back area office of the restaurant before 2:00 this morning. it was contained within about 20 minutes and no one was injured. the father of a 9-year-old says his son has been harassed at school for months and officials are not doing anything to stop it. now the action he's taking to protect his son from the bullies. >> it is a cooler day for most around the bay area. rosemary orozco will be here for a look at your numbers today and if we'll see a warmup for your weekend. >> and nearly two weeks after it disappeared, the most recent aerial search for missing malaysia flight 370 comes up empty. what officials are planning to do next.
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now to our continuing coverage of the missing malaysia airliner. search planes looking for debris in the southern indian ocean did not find anything. the five planes were sent to an area 1500 miles southwest of australia where satellite images from five days ago showed something that could be
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debris from the missing flight 370. but even with good weather today, the planes did not spot anything. the first ships will begin arriving in the search area tomorrow. >> we've been throwing everything we've got at that area to try to learn more about what this debris might be. >> the fbi is involved in another part of the investigation into the missing plane, computers from the pilot's homes including a flight simulator are being shipped to the fbi's lab in quantico virginia. the fbi will try to retrieve some information that had been deleted from the flight simulator. there's a new push to change the length of time that convicted sex offenders in california have to stay on the state's offender registry. currently all convicted offenders remain for life. now the sex offender management board in sacramento is
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considering reducing the time that certain low risk sex offenders remain on the list to 10 or 20 years. >> we want to be able to focus the resources that are available on the people who pose the greatest risk to the people in our communities. >> i think that they want to save money. i think that they want to be able to drop these characters off the list so that they don't have to send parole agents out so that don't have to track them. >> there are about 112,000 registered sex outbounders in california. to make the rule change the board would neat a state lawmaker. fairfield man has filed for a restraining order against the 9-year-old who has been bullying his son. the bullying has been going on for five months at rolling hills elementary where he's a fourth grader and the school has not stopped it. >> he came up and pushed me. i pushed him back and then he punched me right in the face and then he said ha ha you got
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punched. >> i'm trying to protect the children from future attack by this young man. >> the father says he only has the first name of the alleged bully because the school refuses to tell him the last name. at the end of this month, san francisco drive wills get help avoiding parking tickets. dan preston founded a company called metro mile and is creating an app that keeps track of the street sweeping schedule schedule. it uses gps to tell you when your car could get a ticket. >> you leave your car in the street for a couple of days and you'll forget that it comes by. it's the number one ticket given out in san francisco for parking. >> those tickets cost car owners $64 each and that nets san francisco $31 million last year. the metro mile app is free and will be live in san francisco on march 31st.
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oakland's fifth annual running festival is expected to bring a record number of people to the streets of oakland this summer. about 1500 will run the full marathon. there's also a four-person relay race, a half marathon and a 5k. the starting line is at 19th 19th and harrison streets. along the route there will be bands, cheer stations and water stops. a san francisco taxicab driver is now $1.9 million richer. 50-year-old mahendra kc bought the winning megamillions ticket from huntington liquor. the ticket matched five of the six numbers in tuesday's drawing. if he had picked the meganumber he would have been splitting the $414 million jackpot with two other people from florida and maryland who still have not come forward. a notably cooler day around the bay area. the clouds are clearing for most of us and it's still a
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nice one. just not as warm as yesterday. a live look over the bay where we have high clouds in place, low clouds along the coastline, and storm tracker 2 will show you why. we have just a weak wave moving across the west. here's the center of the circulation here, and if i move in a little bit closer you may be able to pick up the wave that is -- wow, that's not it. the wave that is moving through the area along california and brings the high clouds over the bay area. this will be the call for today as the high clouds continue to sweep through, and has increased the onshore flow. that debris is not too bad. you can see fairfield reporting a southwesterly wind at 10 miles an hour. we've got oakland at 5. a light onshore breeze for your afternoon. temperatures will remain on the cool side, anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees cooler at this hour than where we were 24 hours ago. walnut creek not bad, 73 degrees for you, a mild one in antioch, already 71. as we get closer to the bay and
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closer to the coast, notice the temperatures fall off. 55 in mountain view. to the north bay, temperatures still cool. mid-50s in santa rosa, 56 in napa. for the second half of your day, temperatures will be relatively mild. just above the seasonal average but several degrees below what we had on thursday afternoon. 70 for santa rosa this afternoon, 69 in vallejo. 66 expected in berkeley, 67 in oakland. along the coastline it's going to be a cool day. pacifica 61 with partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures will range from the upper 60s to low 70s. 69 san jose. 72 degrees for morgan hill. 73 in gilroy and areas along the boardwalk and santa cruz for the afternoon. 65 degrees expected for you. as we get into the extended forecast, your bay area weekend always in view. temperatures again today will be on the cool side. we do begin to rebound as early as tomorrow. low 70s in the forecast with mostly sunny skies expected for the afternoon. sunday looks to be the warmest day of the two-day weekend
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there with temperatures warming in the low to mid-70s for the second half of your day. as we get into the workweek next week monday looks relatively similar to your weekend, maybe even warmer. as we get into tuesday, finally the possibility of wet weather coming back our way. >> spring rain. >> thank you rosemary. >> you're welcome. and powering a generation of global citizens right here in the bay area. the little acts of service that some local high school students are doing which they say is all part of the bigger picture.
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stocks way down, semtech plunging after firing its ceo and nike falling after warning of softer sales. taking a live look at the big board, the dow down 8. nasdaq down 45. ktvu is proud to sponsor a first of its kind event coming to the bay area. 16,000 students will fill oracle arena next week to hear celebrity speeches and performances. the event is called we day and you can't buy tickets. the only way to go is to earn a seat by making a positive difference locally and globally. over the past month we've been sharing stories of children and schools doing just that. next week is we day, and if you would like to see the event, we will be streaming it on today ktvu's pam cook shows us how some young students are
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playing hard for charity. >> empowering a generation of young global citizens. the we day message needs no repeating at presentation high school in san jose. >> students on 3,. >> the dunk for nuns basketball game hitting students against teaches is one part of their mission drive to raise money for charity. >> we have sisters in guatemala and nicaragua. and guatemala they have like health clinics that they set up in different parts, you know, in the rural areas, and they teach the villagers how to like look after themselves. >> they also support a local nonprofit and a six-week holiday drive brought in $10,000, 1,000 turkeys and 20,000 cans of food. >> i think a lot of people are starting to realize that little acts of service are part of the bigger picture. that it doesn't take like big things to do that but the small things add up. >> they caught the attention of
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the free the children organization for the work they're doing. ten girls and two teachers from presentation high school are now going to we day california. >> i would think that they would get run down or doing all this work, you know, would be a loft pressure on them, but they are so selfless and really inspirational to me because they just continue to give and continue to want to know more about the community and the social issues that we have going on both here and abroad. >> the girls say they can't wait to get even more inspired about what they do and to learn the we day dance. pam cook ktvu channel 2 news. >> most of us know the song, now disney is planning a global small world sing along. ♪ [ music ] >> it's a small world with that unforgettable song came to disney land in 1966 but it opened at the 1964 world's fair in new york city. to mark the anniversary disney is inviting the public to go to
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its web site and submit videos singing the song. we have an update on developing news. we're learning the smoke we're seeing is actually from a controlled burn in the delta. contra costa fire crews did attack a small fire on hawthorn street in pittsburgh. that fire's out and not related to this controlled burg. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here for you on have a great weekend. female announcer: during sleep train's big gift event
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